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Three, 60 min coaching sessions with Tarot Spreads.




All sessions are conducted on Zoom and will not be recorded as part of the service (although you are welcome to record it from your end!)


 ** EVENING SESSIONS ARE LIMITED, please email me first if you are only able to do hours 5pm or after**


Tarot is not for future predictions. These sessions will help you explore underlying themes, blocks, challenges, and strength. The goal of these sessions is to gain greater clarity and insight. 


In this service, you will receive three coaching sessions using Tarot spreads as the basis of our discussions. 


In session one, you will have a 12 card Overview Spread, which will help us get a full view of where you are in your life, your main learning things, and your an overall view to help you move foward. 


In session two, you will have a 7-10 card Relationships Spread to explore a primary relationship in your life. You will learn about you and the other person's energy and how to progess, work better together or understadn your dynamics better. 


In session three, you will receive a  12-15 card Spread about a topic of your choosing. 


Sessions do not expire. 

3 Coaching With Tarot Sessions

$400.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
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