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Center Your Self: A Mind, Body, Spirit, (and Crystal!) Approach to Your Chakras


Taught by:  Liz Varney, Intuitive LICSW and Cara Bradley, Reiki Master and Crystal Practitioner! 




This is an 8-week class that will run on Mondays starting in April from 6:30pm-8:30pm ET. All sessions will be held on zoom and will be recorded to watch on replay if you miss a class.


Class dates: 



During this class you will learn how to perceive, make sense of, and work with the 7 major energy centers (chakras) in your body! 


You will:

Learn a basic history of chakras and how to use this understanding to support your mind-body-spirit wellness

Learn about balance and imbalance within your chakras and the associated physical and psychological symptoms

Learn about the psychological components of your chakras

Learn about the physical components of your chakras

Learn about the spiritual components of your chakras

Understand how crystal energy can help center and balance your chakra system

Use journalling, meditation, and sound to support your chakra functioning. 


Each class will have a teaching component as well as an experiential exercise. 


The BEST part is you will be mailed a crystal chakra kit as part of your class entry fee!! 15 stones will be delivered to your door to work with during the course of class. 


Let's "rock" and roll and get those chakras spinning for spring time!


Whether you feel like you need to be cleared, balanced, realigned, or re-centered, Liz and Cara will cover it all in this comprehensive, holistic, and interactive 8-week series! 


Center Your Self: A Mind, Body, Spirit, (and Crystal!) Approach to Your Chakras!

  • At check out, please double check your paypal or autopopulated address to make sure we send your crystals to your current address! 

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