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The Celtic Cross is one of the most traditional tarot spreads used. It's comprised of 10 cards and will give you insight into:

Where are you now in your journey?

What is the challenge that is being presented to you?

What is the deepest layer to be aware of?

What is the past, present and future trajectory for you right now?

How do you see yourself?

How do others see you?

What are your hopes or fears?

What overall guidance is there for you right now?


This is a great in-depth snap shot of your journey in the current moment.


No need to ask a question, the Cross answers it all for you! 


Summer sale ends Sept 1. 


Please allow one full week to receive your email. May be purchased as a gift certificate, write "gift" in the name line below. 

Email Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Who are you?


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