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Soul Reason Soul Tribe Scholarship Program 

I am often told that I do not charge nearly enough for my services. While I find this an amazing compliment that folks are finding great value and benefit from my services, it has always been important to me that I offer options in all price ranges to allow those of different financial situations to receive spiritual support. It was recently suggested to me to offer a scholarship program where those who have more can donate and those in need may benefit. I found this a delightful idea and exactly what this Soul Tribe community is all about! 

You may donate any amount. While you will not know who, or for what services your donation will benefit, please know that your are greatly appreciated in your generosity! 

Donate To Scholarship Fund


Your donation of any amount will help another member of the Soul Tribe attend a class or workshop! 

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Would you like to apply for a scholarship?
Please fill out this form below. Applying does not guarantee scholarship support. A list of scholarship applicants will develop on a first come first serve basis. Scholarship funds may be used for classes or workshops costing over $100. 

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