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Twin Flame Research, Part Two: How Does One Research This??

In Part One of my Twin Flame Research, I told you why I was interested in investigating the Twin Flame concept. If you missed it, check it out here!

Part Two is where I figure out how the heck to research something so un-researchable.

I sat in this phase for a long time. I had zero idea, and quite frankly, I was a little nervous. Part of me did't want to be found out for the weird-weirdo that I am!

Furthermore, I didn't know what to ask, how to ask it, or where to begin! But I took the advice that I often offer my clients: “You don't have to know where you are going, just take one step, the path will start to appear.” So, I just have to take a step and I guess I will figure this out on the way.

And as for the weird-weirdo part, I just decided to be cool with my weridoness.

So, where to start?

First, I wanted to get clear about my goal.

I wanted to learn more about this possible relationship phenomenon with the hopes of being able to pay it forward some day, in some way, to another couple who may be like my husband and me. It was my intention to be able to support, give guidance, and help navigate those who find themselves in a soul-connected, deep relationship in which the humans are not behaving.

But to be really honest, my truest bottom-line questions were:

1. Is "Twin Flame" even a real thing?

2. Would I be able to identify one if I saw it? Would I be able to feel it if I was around it? Would my intuition be able to tell me it was so? Would that spiritual space that “gives" me answers to things I don't know about tell me I was in the presence of a Twin Flame relationship?

I want to help others, but as I mentioned, I do things from a grounded place. So how could I, in good faith, believe that I can help others when my only experience with this potential Twin Flame concept is my own. I needed to find out more, learn from other relationships, and gather more data. And, so, this is what my mission became.

My plan for “research” was to use social media to find folks who thought they had met their Twin Flame, and if so, would they be willing to participate in a survey and potentially a free Akashic Reading. I needed to get enough responses so that I could “feel” if there were similarities between them.

I posted on my own Facebook page LizVarneyMedium and had one response.

I posted on a couple mediumship groups I am part of and got no responses.

I then reached out to Facebook pages with “Twin Flame” in the title and messaged them directly with what I was doing. Some pages didn't respond. One told me that twin flame information is "sacred and personal" so, no, they were not interested in helping. (But, umm, you have a public Facebook Page all about Twin Flames?? Ok, moving on.) I was told by another page that participating in this kind of survey was not in alignment with what they are trying to do. So, essentially a big fat door slammed in my face from assorted Twin Flame titled pages.

One night before bed, it struck me to post in an online fairy community that I belong to.

See?? I told you I liked fairies! And even more so, I love fairy-loving people. They are the most positive, supportive, open, and eager-to-help-even-if-it's-just-to-say-hey-I-support-you people ever!

The “Fairyologyist” community is a Facebook page of people who all took part in an online course teaching about fairy origin, folklore, history, and stuff like that. I know! It sounds super weird! And not like a thing I would do, but I did, and I loved it! Sometimes we need a little whimsy in our lives and fairies are that!

At the bottom line, what I gathered is that people who like fairies, tend to love and care deeply about nature, the earth, and animals and that is top-notch in my book! Students who took this course were able to become part of a private Facebook page and this page currently has 5,405 members. So, hey, why not post to see if they, or anyone they know, may be willing to help out?

Well, within 24 hours I had 33 comments on my post! I privately messaged each one who responded with a link to an online survey I had created.

I decided to ask my husband to fill out the survey, and figured I should too, again making this not anywhere close to a scientific or unbiased research, but I felt our input in the sea of everyone else's answers would be important. I was curious to see if our responses would stand out, or would they merge into one harmonious voice of responses. I asked anyone participating who was still in a relationship with their Twin Flame to ask their partner to fill out the survey too, because how cool would it be to get both perspectives? I really just felt the more responses, the better.

I received 29 surveys back, which included mine and my husband's.

The survey consisted of 22 open-ended questions that I made up. In hindsight now, some of my questions were not worthwhile, but I will tell you more about that in Part Three. I have listed all the questions at the end of this blog, in case you are curious.

I offered anyone who made it clear to me that they completed the survey or seemed of particular interest to communicate about Twin Flames a free email Akashic Reading. The people who had some interaction with me were asked to participate in the readings, those that didnt, were not. Super bias! But, my thought was, the more open the participant, the easier it would be to connect with them remotely and the better chances I could access some kind of info that would help me in my studies.

Oh. So, for those of you who may be new to the term Akashic Records, yes, let's discuss. The Akashic Records is believed to be the “book of life” and the “records of one's soul.” Reading the Records is an intuitive reading in which you intend to gather information about an individual's soul journey, which can include stuff like past lives, soul lessons, soul purpose and the like. So again, not scientific or unbiased. All the information from the intuitive readings came through me, since after all, I only was curious if *I* could feel similarities. Posting about my process only came as a result of so many people saying their were curious about what I found!

I wanted to ask the Akashic Records two things. I also, now in hindsight, don't love these questions, but again, more on that in Part Three:

  1. Why did the Twin Flames unite (from a soul perspective)?

  2. Was there something important that the Twin Flames are looking to accomplish by uniting (from a soul perspective)?

I also offered that each Akashic participant could ask two of their own questions as well, either about their relationship or anything else for that matter. This proved to be a good idea, but again more on that in Part Three.

I completed the Akashic Readings on my own time, in my own space with only using the participants name, questions, and my intuition as my guide! It took me about a month and a half to do them all.

I completed 17 email Akashic Readings for people all over the world... that's right! All over the world!

What a fantastic and unexpected bonus to be able to connect with so many souls from so many places! The chance to connect with folks from different cultures already offered so much to my learning experience that I could stop right there...

But I won't because after reviewing all the “results,” I have some things to say about Twin Flames! I betcha want to know what I discovered!!

Well you, dear one, shall need to hang on to your seats until Part Three is released tomorrow!

In the meantime, here are my survey questions:

22 Open-Ended Twin Flame Survey Questions:

  1. When did you meet your Twin Flame (TF), give approximate date

  2. What was your first gut impression of your TF?

  3. If you know, what was your TF's first impression of you?

  4. Did you and your TF get involved in a romantic relationship?

  5. Are you and your TF still in the relationship?

  6. If you had a relationship (for any amount of time), what was the hardest parts for you to navigate?

  7. If you had a relationship (for any amount of time), what were the easiest parts for you to navigate?

  8. Did you seek help from outside sources to help you with your relationship? (I provided options)

  9. What kind of feedback have your received about your relationship from friends or family? What did/do others in your life think about your relationship?

  10. If you consulted professionals about your relationship, what was the feedback you received?

  11. When did you become aware that you were TF, give an approximate time frame from when you first met.

  12. How did you learn about TF relationships initially? Did you know what they were before meeting?

  13. Which would you categorize yourself as (I gave options: Runner, Chaser, I don't know, Other)

  14. If you are the TF Chaser, why did you stay? IF you are NOT the chaser, what do you understand about why the chaser chased?

  15. If you are the TF Runner, why did you run? If you are NOT the runner, what do you understand about why the runner ran?

  16. What have you learned from meeting your TF?

  17. Is your TF spiritually open?

  18. Did you/do you feel you received the support you needed to successfully reunite with your TF? If not, what would have been helpful?

  19. What advice would you give to other TFs who recently reunited?

  20. Does your TF know agree that he/she is in fact, your TF?

  21. Have you had an Akashic Reading about your TF relationship?

  22. Are you open to having an Akashic Records Reading to help with this research?

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