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Custom Pet Portraits with Soul Reading

I am so excited to offer you a custom pet portrait with accompanying soul reading about you and your pet. 

I free-hand draw on an IPad using your photo as a reference. Once the image is complete, I send the digital JPEG to a printing company for the image to be printed on to a canvas. 

Then, I access the Akashic Records for you and your pet, and include a one page write up about you and your pet's soulful connection. The completed canvas and intuitive reading will both be mailed to you!

Step 1. Choose your favorite picture of your pet and email me to be used as the photo reference.

IMG_7334 2.jpg

Step 3. The finished digital image will be sent off for printing on 16 X 20 canvas with wood frame backing.


Step 2. I begin free-hand drawing on an Ipad, using your photo reference as a guide.


Step 4. You will be sent a 16 X 20  canvas print along with a one page intuitive soul reading about you and your pet.


Additional Sample:

Photo Reference
Drawing in Progress
Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 8.39.42 PM.png
Drawing Complete
Untitled_Artwork 4.jpg

Agreements and policies: 

Photo submission must be include one pet only, clearly captured. Liz reserves the right to make artistic changes to background, colors, and accents, for composition and creative purposes.


No Refunds after drawing has been completed. 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your completed artwork to be shipped. 

Intro price $175 valid until October 31, 2019, regular price $225.

For additional custom work including more than one pet or that includes the pet's owner,

please contact for consultation and pricing. 

After payment, please email the following:

1. Photo of your pet

2. Pet's name and gender

3. Is the pet in the living or passed on in Spirit?

3. Your/owner's full birth name

4. (Optional) Any specific questions you have for your reading about your pet. (Past or present questions only, no future predictions.)

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