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Writing For Healing :

Discover How Writing Can Help You
Heal, Grow, and Evolve


If you have ever worked with me individually, I likely encouraged you to journal at some point in our time together. Writing is an excellent self-help tool and healing medium that is accessible to anyone, almost anywhere, at any time - and this is why I am such a huge advocate for regular journaling. Want to hear all the reasons why I love journaling? Check out one of our recent podcast episodes on the topic HERE

It was through my own journaling practice that I truly began the process of "spiritual" writing or "channeled" writing every morning for my own spiritual support. Want to learn more about that? Check out our podcast episode HERE

In addition to journaling since I was an adolescent, I started to work on writing self-help material in 2014 as a means to mitigate my professional burn-out and to find new ways to share the skills, insights, and tips that I had learned from years of client service. Unfortunately, I found writing self-help manuals boring and uninspiring. 

I abandoned the writing I was doing when I found a Creativity Coach to help me find my “true” voice. I began writing creative non-fiction and personal essays and found this way more relieving and satisfying! From there, I was invited by a friend to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where I was, for the first time, challenged with "making stuff up" rather than speaking truth and wisdom for the healing benefit of others.

My first NaNoWriMo character was a burned-out therapist who took a month sabbatical in what turned out to be a haunted house. Of course, hi-jinx ensued. I found fiction writing purely delightful and a fun escape! I have since completed four NANOWRIMOs and have been utterly fascinated by all the ways writing can be used to treat our human ailments. 

Through my explorations of using the written word as a healing and beneficial escape, I started to explore oral storytelling due to my love of folklore – particularly ghost stories. I entered a Story Slam to try my hand at personal story telling, and was amazed at the power that telling a five-minute story to a quiet audience held. After the Slam, I began self-educating on storytelling. I had a huge face-palm moment when I realized that my profession as a therapist was, in fact, this whole time, working in the healing art of story telling!​​

Writing is for healing. Storytelling is for freedom. Stories need to be witnessed. Most of all, your stories need to be witnessed by you. ​​

I am passionate and invested in helping you find the healing benefits of writing and storytelling in your life.


This fall I will be hosting online and in-person workshops to support you in finding your transformation and healing through writing.

Are you interested?

Send me an email and I will keep your suggestions in mind as I craft my offerings for Fall 2024!

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