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I consider myself an Intuitive Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, and as such, my work combines psychology with intuition and spirituality. 


My foundational education is in psychology, with a Bachelors in Psychology from Marist College, which lead to a Masters of Social Work degree from Boston College. During my social work career I worked with many populations from various walks of life. My experience includes assisting with: child welfare, folks with significant mental illness, those with homelessness, people with substance abuse and dependency, and finally, students in a college mental health center. After all of these experiences, I felt confident enough to start my own private psychotherapy practice in 2009. Coincidently, 2009 is when I first started to explore my spirituality. 

I started my spiritual exploration with a Reiki class. To be totally honest, I took Reiki 1 and 2 without fully believing in energy healing. I did not have the cool experiences the other students had and I was not even sure that it was doing anything at all.  And yet, I felt drawn to keep seeking...

2018-07-31 Liz Varney - Clear and Now Healing (13).jpg

I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2011, and with my curiosity and courage piqued, I sought out a year-long individual intuitive mentorship program the following year. In 2013, I attended a weekend presentation of three amazing mediums who stunned me with their accurate and detailed readings of audience members' deceased loved ones. After that profound experience, I was sold. I said to myself, "That's what I want, I want to be a medium!" I sat in fear for a few months until I took my first mediumship class in the fall of 2013.


As I began to explore mediumship, I became curious about all types of spiritual connections and the use of intuition as a tool to assist in healing. I then explored lots of intuitive modalities, such as reading the Akashic Records, oracle and Tarot card reading, and animal communication. 


By 2016, I started feeling like it was time for me to fly from the safety nest of intuitive classes out into the real world, and so I asked Spirit to help me do so... long story short, my intuitive business was developed. For a long time I kept my psychotherapy practice and my intuitive business separate, yet I couldn't help but be "me" in all of my sessions. My intuitive readings felt therapeutic, and my therapy sessions became more spiritual. 

In order to find the truest expression of me within the context of my work, I stopped working as a traditional therapist (meaning, I came off of insurance panels,  quit diagnosing, and stopped keeping clinical notes). I considered myself more of a "coach and mentor" to support others in their growth. My services are really not about what I call myself or what we label the session. My role is to show up for you with the intention of being in service to your highest good, and in doing so, I open up to use all of my skills and education as it feels right. 

I continue to keep current with my social work license because I worked really hard for it! The definition of "social worker" is still very much who I am. Social workers view a person's story in the context of their history, their current situation, and the entire environment surrounding them. A social worker will recommend or make referrals to assist a client in getting their needs met. Social workers also want every person to have access to support and will often need to be creative within restrictive or archaic systemic structures that do not always provide for all people.  As you work with me, or read my books, you will see my creativity in working around unfair or outdated systems. I am still a psychology nerd at heart and am perpetually fascinated by the human mind - and yet, I also see the limitations of psychology when trying to make sense of the human experience. This is where spirituality steps in. I continuously seek new spiritual information, explore new practices, and use my own intuitive senses to enhance my knowledge base. 

If there is something you think I may be able to help you with, and you don't see it labeled under my services tab, please don't hesitate to reach out. I love being creative and am always open to designing a service for your specific need. 

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