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Confessions of Affection Podcast

I am excited about this new inspired creation about LOVE! 

For this new podcast, I will be reading Love Letters from the public domain as well as from the public. The public domain houses older literature and writing that is no longer bound by copyright limitations.  These "old timey" love letters may be from famous people, written in literature, or are completely fictional. 

In order to balance out the "then" with the "now" - I am collecting love letters written from you, the public, to read. Writing a love letter is open to your interpretation. Maybe you have one already written, maybe you write something new, maybe you write to a person, a thing, a fantasy person, yourself - all is fair game! 

Writing love letters may be a process of release, of manifestation, of confessing hidden feelings, or is simply an act of creative writing. I welcome your love letters and will always be curious about your process and how it felt to write, if you want to share! 

Submit your original love letters to be read on the Confessions of Affection Podcast - coming this Summer 2024! 

Your original love letters can be written to anyone or anything. They can be real or imagined. The letters must be of your own original creation.


When it comes to love, all emotions may be present - longing, pain, hurt, sadness, and anger may be expressed in conjunction with love.


If you submit a response to your original letter (from another person or partner who wrote back to you) please be kind and respectful by gaining their permission or altering their responses to preserve privacy. You are also welcome to submit anonymously and do not need to leave your email address for me to connect with you. It is all up to your comfort! 

Please no graphic (sexual or violent) content.

I reserve the right to censor or leave out inappropriate content. I reserve the right to not use your submission for the podcast.  

Thank you for participating in an expressive act of love! 

Submit your Love Letter to The Confessions of Affection Podcast! 

Thank you! If you leave your email, I will notify you if and when I use your letter! 

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