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Healing the Witch Wound *For All Genders*

May 19, 1-4pm ET





The Witch Wound is considered a soul-level wound or trauma that still reverberates through your life now.


Those who are affected by the Witch Wound in current-day life tend to be the feelers, seers, knowers, and healers in our lifetime.


While born with amazing gifts, fear will often hold those with the Witch Wound back from being their fullest and truest self. Some common symptoms that the Witch Wound may be affecting you:


- You are highly sensitive to emotion and energy 

- You are intuitive

- You worry about unintentionally hurting others with your words, wisdom, or insight

- You are worried that others will misinterpret you and this causes you fear and distress

- You feel you have to over-explain yourself and/or be perfect so that your intentions are abundantly clear

- You have trouble using your voice or speaking your truth

- You have an irrational fear of being exiled, abandoned, persecuted or exiled from your community


In this 3 hour class, we will explore 7 categories of the Witch Wound and how they may manifest in your life. We will explore what your options are to heal so that you may free yourself to be your fullest, truest you.


The class will be lecture, sharing, meditation and written exercises to help you come into better confidence and clarity about your own soul's agenda to heal.

Healing the Witch Wound *For All Genders* May 19, 1-4pm

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