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With Intuitive Mentorship and Support you will be guided on your own journey to develop your spirituality, faith, and intuition.  Session is conducted over Zoom. 

With the assistance of my intuition, and my years of spiritual learning, I will help you get clear about your own intuitive gifts, how to use them, and help you get clearer on your direction and path. 


Packages of 5 sessions also available!

Intuitive Mentorship And Development Zoom

  • What can you learn from mentorship and support? There is no one-way to develop your intuition. It is of the utmost importance to me that we allow you to discover your own path.


    I will offer guidance, exercises, or teachings to help you hone your authentic journey. We will have both discussions and experiential exercises to aide in your learning.


    Starting: In order to be a clear vessel for intuition, you will need to learn to manage your own energy and to learn about your own uniqueness.


    Intermediate: From there, you may choose to learn how to access intuitive information for yourself and use this for growth and guidance.


    Advanced: If you want to progress further, you will be guided to read for others within a safe teaching environment and will be offered feedback to help you continue to advance.


    Topics of discussion and experience may include, but not limited to:

    Owning Your Spiritual Beliefs and Building Trust Concepts of Soul and Spirit Energy and Energy Management


    Exploring the Intuitive Senses

    Ego versus Spirit

    Energetic Realms

    Vibrational Levels

    Spiritual Beings Guides and Spiritual Support

    Use of Oracle Cards and Other Tools

    Animal Communication


    Use of Readings for Self Growth

    Conducting Readings for a Profession

    And more!

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