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Expected ship date is between June 1- 15, 2024.  Thank you for your patience! 


Building upon what you have learned in The Soul Reason Volumes One and Two, Volume Three helps you explore what your soul is here to do! Whether you consider it your employment, your life's work, your legacy, or your acts of creation, this Volume helps you center yourself into your soul in order to assist you in expressing who you truly are into the world.


Every soul being is a creature of great imagination, creativity, and invention, and when you allow yourself to reclaim this amazing part of you, you will see that your life - in all of its ups and downs-  as been the classroom for you to learn about the soulful gifts you are here to express. With over 300 pages and 70,000 words, the Akashic Records have so much to share with you about your purpose here on Earth in this hardy third volume!


Each copy is signed and comes with a free bookmark! Price includes shipping and taxes. **Please make sure your shipping address is up to date when using PAYPAL**


The Soul Reason Vol 3 : Creating A SoulfulLife

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