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12 Reasons to Learn the Akashic Records

After teaching three Akashic classes this past summer, I walked away with two immediate reactions:

  1. “That was awesome!”


  1. “Everyone needs to learn the Akashic Records....”

As I reflected, it became very clear that there are so many reasons to learn to read the Akashic Records and I believe this gift could benefit so many people!

Here are my reasons to take an Akashic Reader class:

1. The Akashic provides support in a way that is self-sufficient.

No longer will you need to look to external resources to gain reassurance and support- the support and reassurance is now gained by a process you give to yourself. You have access to it any time and any place you need it.

2. Feel deeply understood.

Who could understand you any better or deeper than your own soul? Tap back into the deep understanding and permission to be who you truly are. Get re-acquainted with parts of your self that may have been pushed aside.

3. Learn a perspective to help you cope with life.

Learning about the Akashic also comes with learning a spiritual philosophy to approach this human life with including; why we are here, what we are doing here, and why things happen to us. Holding this perspective throughout your days can bring you greater peace and contentment, even when times are tough.

4. Have your own personal spiritual teacher.

Consulting your own Akashic Records can help expand your mind, your perspective, and give you pieces of information about your life that may have gotten lost in your journey to adapt to humanity. You will continually evolve by consulting your Akashic Records as you receive greater understanding and explanations from the deepest part of you.

5. It's fun!

You may not know much about energy now, or maybe you do... either way, working in a different energy such as the Akashic brings an uplifting sense of energy. It is so fun to discover and explore the new information that comes next!

6. The journey never ends!

Whether you continue to only consult your own Records, or you go on to start to read other people's Records, there is no shortage of wisdom to be shared with you. As you grow, the access, and the information you are given, grows as well. There is no end!

7. Feel more compassionate to yourself and to others.

Viewing yourself from the soul journey provides a deep and compassionate understanding for your hardships, your struggles, your triumphs, your choices. Finding this compassion within yourself helps you see it for others as well. Viewing yourself, as well as others, as a soul having a human experience provides a more loving and patient understanding for all that you witness.

8. Shed the “should's.”

Walking the soul path sometimes means going against what you feel you “should” do to instead, do what really makes your heart sing! We all have been influenced by societal, familial, cultural norms that dictate how we “should” be within their eyes. These norms can feel confiding, inauthentic, and can make us feel confined. Coming into your soulful path helps you “shed the should” and come back to what is true and authentic for your unique journey.

9. It just feels good.

Sitting in the spiritual energy of the Akashic feels nourishing! And who doesn't need that right now?? Most people report after opening their Records or someone else's, they feel a burst of energy, a brightening of vision, and just plain feel better!

10. Build faith and trust (the antidote to anxiety!).

Anxieties and worries come from a root concern about safety, harm, or impermanence- the way to heal those concerns is a strong developed sense of faith and trust. Connecting into your soul's journey helps you understand yourself with greater insight, thereby strengthening your trust in yourself. Continued learning from the Akashic, offers a sense of divine order and divine timing which can help you unhook from the “things you cannot control” to find faith in feeling supported from above.

11. Become part of the Akashic Army!

We at Clear and Now love building a community of like-minded, like-intentioned souls. Joining the Akashic community means you are coming back into a soulful group that supports you in being who you truly are with reverence and love.

12. It's your divine right!

Reclaim your birthright to be connected to your own soul and spirit. Accessing a deep understanding for your life which brings clarity and peace, is your right. Reclaim who you truly are and marvel in the wonder that is life through the support of the Akashic.

To explore my upcoming Akashic classes, link here!

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