What's up with the Good Stuff?

Maybe I am skewed?

It is quite possible...being a therapist has always been a strange profession, perhaps it has altered the way I think about things. I mean, I only see people when they are upset, unhappy, or not doing well. As soon as a client feels happy- that's when I show them the door!

"Things are going well?? Get out of my office!"

I am being silly about it, but it is the truth. As soon as someone comes in to tell me all the good stuff, I know they are ready to end therapy. After all, that's what good therapists do, right? They help clients get to a place where they don't need therapy anymore. Case closed.

Well, as an Akashic Reader, I have noticed something perplexing: clients coming to readings wanting to know ABOUT the good things happening in their lives. I mean, like, people asking:

“Why is this so good?”

“What can the Akashic tell me about this really good thing happening?”

And most often:

“I have this really great connection with so-and-so, can you tell me why?”

Now, before we get into it, let's talk about human versus soul. “Versus” isn't really the right term, as it is not a battle between the two, per se, but sometimes it does seem they have a differing of opinion, or at least differing perspective. I am the first one to admit that my human and my soul do not always see eye to eye. To catch you up to speed in case you haven't had a reading in a while,

These are Liz Varney definitions of human versus soul (which are always subject to change as I continue to learn!):

Human: The part of our selves that has been trained by other humans on how to live. Humans need to figure out how to survive in society- or just survive in general. They are often taught norms (overtly or subtly) – what is normal and acceptable to do. There are societal norms, familial norms, religious, cultural norms, etc. Humans often are concerned with comparisons, should's, and shouldn'ts to make sure they are staying in the range of "normal" as defined by the current society. Often, the human is driven by logic, what has been historical right or accepted, or things that can be plainly seen or understood by universally accepted truths (like science). The human also is concerned with ego- like being right or wrong, having something in particular thought about them, or how they think about themselves... again most of this stuff comes back to comparisons- and society- and being accepted by the others- and surviving. Humans can be reactive- meaning, not necessarily acting in a way that is authentic to who they truly are, but more having an opposing or reactive response to the environment (imagine a pinball pinging back and forth between the pins).

Soul: Who you truly are before the humans got a hold of you. Your uniqueness is unparalleled, and is a complex influence of who you have over time and incarnations. Your soul is an energy that has been in existence since the start of time, and has been influenced by your soulful

journey (including your past lives) and the truth about your foundational energy. The soul is the you that you are no matter what your environment, experiences, or circumstances suggest you "should" be. In psychology, the you that you are simply due to the nature of you.. not the way you were nurtured, raised, or trained to be, or reactive ways you respond to the outside world. (Watching children walk down the street is a good reminder of soul. Their spontaneity to jump, or flail an arm, or touch a bug is an internal motivator of inspiration and curiosity. Inspiration and curiosity are very soul-like energies!)

So we have a brief overview of human versus soul, now back to the “good stuff”...

When I ask the Akashic about someone's good news... particularly good relationships, the Akashic has very little to say.

Client: “I feel a close connection to so-and-so.. why does it feel that way?

Akashic: “Because you are soul family.”

Client: “Are there past lives with so-and-so, it feels like we have known each other for a long time.”

Akashic: “Yes, you have traveled together before, you have incarnated with each other many times.”

Client: “Is there anything I should know about why this relationship with so-and-so feels so good?”

Akashic: “Enjoy it!”

Now, my human is always around even when I am reading. My human is listening, but mostly observing. Sometimes my human will offer human empathy, or even add in psychology or therapist knowledge to supplement what is coming through via the soul. I generally hold back most of my human reactions during the reading as best I can, but afterwards, my human is very prominent.

My human sometimes will feel badly when the answers from the Akashic aren't that exciting. But that's just my own human perspective or judgment. My human doesn't get to say what is exciting or interesting to another human or soul, so I try to keep my human's thoughts out of it.

But sometimes, I have so many repetitive questions, my human becomes curious to understand what's up with the other humans. My human has been very curious as to why the other humans want to know “why” a relationship they are having is good!

As I continue to consider this from all parts of myself, I have been wondering whether humans have gotten so used to things being a struggle, negative, or hard. Maybe the hard situations are what is expected? So much so, that when something positive, easy, or good happens, it's strikingly curious to us and we want to figure out what is going on?

I was thinking about a client I used to work with in psychotherapy. We were talking about positive self talk, and I was modeling what it would sound like to say nice things to himself. My client looked at me with an appalling look on his face and exclaimed, “You want me to lie to myself??” and without thought my response was, “How do you know the negative things aren't a lie?” We had a great discussion about how the negative things aren't necessarily truer, but they may be safer. Perhaps the humans have found safety in the negative? If we are already feeling low, we know we don't have a great fall ahead of us? When things are good, they feel fragile because we know there could be a fall downward?


We need some Akashic in the mix here …

From my time in the Akashic, it is not at all odd that things will go right for you. It is not at all absurd that you will meet people who are just delightful in your life.

More than that – it is exactly right that things are going right! It is exactly the norm for things to be flowing along! It is perfectly normal for you to have great people in your life. You may even have relationships with them! You may have best friends who just feel like the best sibling you could ever ask for! You could have a romantic relationship with someone who just gets you in ways you never thought you could be gotten! You could have family members that are amazing! You could have children in your life, who are not even your children, but feel like they could be! All these things are not only possible, but are your birth-right to have!